Veteran lawyer and prominent Malaysian politician Karpal Singh passed away in a car accident, along with his loyal longtime personal assistant Michael Cornelius, near Gua Tempurung, Perak, Malaysia on the North South Expressway in early hours of 1.30 am Thursday April 17, 2014,

The white Toyota Alphard MPV carrying Karpal Singh and four other people from Kuala Lumpur to Penang was involved in the collision with the lorry moving slowly ahead of it at a hilly stretch of the highway.

We pay our most respectful tribute to the Malaysian hero, the iconic The Tiger of Jelutong Karpal Singh, with a gallery of pictures of him over the years and some notes by prominent Malaysian for us to reflect and relate his whole life which has been devoted to fight against injustice, prejudice and inequality in Malaysia.

Rest In Peace. My greatest respect and condolence to this great national patriot who devoted his entire life to fight for a just Malaysia for all the races of Malaysia

Karpal Singh Funeral: The Full Spectrum of The Almighty Human Beings In Grief and Farewell.

This is the full video of the Karpal Singh funeral on April 20, 2014.

The whole spectrum of life is shown entirely here; emotions, grief, sorrow's, painful reminiscent, unity, support, all the faces of Malaysians from all the races, all gathered for the last farewell journey of our beloved Tiger of Jelutong, Karpal Singh.

Karpal Singh, the Tiger of Jelutong, 1940-2014.
A Tribute to Karpal Singh 1940-2014

Lim Kit Siang drapes comrade Karpal Singh casket with DAP flag

by Looi Sue-Chern
The Malaysian Insider
April 18, 2014

It was a sombre, moving scene at the home of Karpal Singh this afternoon as veteran DAP leader Lim Kit Siang draped the party flag over the casket of his “brother-in-arms” in honour of the former chairman’s 44-year crusade for the opposition party.

Kit Siang, who brought along an old record book of the party, said that Karpal joined DAP during the “darkest hours” of the nation and the party on December 28, 1970.

It was more than a year after the May 13, 1969 racial riots and Kit Siang had just been released after a 17-month detention under the Internal Security Act (ISA) following the riots.

“There were very few who came out to the forefront to lead the party at the time, but Karpal came. He had no hesitation to come forward to carry that banner,” he said of the man he called his ‘brother-in-arms”.

Kit Siang said the 1970s was also a time when DAP faced many legal cases, with its leaders charged with breaching laws like the ISA, Official Secrets Act and the Police Act.

Karpal was one of the leading lawyers defending the DAP leaders on the various charges.

“When I was charged with the OSA in 1978, Karpal defended me,” he said, referring to the time he got into trouble for exposing the scandal involving the Malaysian Royal Navy’s purchase of RM9 million SPICA-M weapons from Sweden.

“Karpal remains an inspiration to Malaysians in the struggle for justice, democracy and upholding the rule of law. Malaysians must now carry the torch he has passed on.”

Among a steady stream of mourners who visited the house to pay their respects to Karpal was former Bar Council chairman Datuk Param Cumaraswamy, who said the nation and legal profession had lost a patriot.

He described Karpal as a real gentleman who was highly principled, and a person who never turned anyone away if they sought his help to defend their rights.

“I spoke to him about politics and the law and between the two, his first love was the law. Politics was secondary to him… so much was his love for the law,” he said today.

Karpal, Param said, had the respect of the judiciary, earning no complaints but high standing before the courts.

“Karpal was so entrenched in the finer qualities of the Bar and in the 1980s, senior judges highly commended his conduct in the courts.

“He stood for the highest qualities. Judges were also respectful of him. We’ve really lost someone who is very hard to replace, a leading light in the legal and political arenas.

“However, I see his four children in court. I think they will carry on the torch he has left behind,” he said, referring to Karpal’s sons – Jagdeep Singh Deo, Gobind Singh Deo, and Ramkarpal Singh, and daughter Sangeet Kaur, who are also lawyers.

Karpal, 73, was killed in a car accident about 1am yesterday on the North-South Expressway near Kampar, Perak when his Toyota Alphard multi-purpose vehicle collided with a lorry.

His long-time aide Michael Cornelius Selvam Vellu also died in the crash while Ramkarpal and the driver escaped with minor injuries.

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng will present the Penang flag to the family tomorrow.

On Sunday, the funeral procession will stop at important landmarks of Karpal’s life and illustrious legal career.

Penang DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow, who is overseeing the funeral arrangements, said the casket was scheduled to leave Karpal’s home in Jalan Utama at 8.15am on Sunday for the public ceremony at Dewan Sri Pinang at 9am.

“The public can pay their respects until 10am. Then, the ceremony will be opened to state dignitaries like the governor, political parties, and non-governmental organisations before ending by 11am with a religious ceremony for Karpal’s family.

“The casket will then stop at the Lebuh Light-Jalan Greenhall junction in front of the Penang High Court. Karpal’s firm is on Jalan Greenhall,” he said.

The casket will also stop at the state legislative assembly building, where Karpal began his early political career. He won the Bukit Gelugor state seat in the 1978 general election when the seat was under the Jelutong parliamentary constituency, which he also won.

Then, the procession will proceed to St Xavier’s Institution, which was his alma mater, to which he had made many contributions in recent years, Chow said.

“The school band will accompany the procession as we leave for the Batu Gantung crematorium for the final ritual,” he said.

Karpal’s eldest son Jagdeep, who is a state executive council member, thanked the state government for according his father state honours.

“It would have made him very proud to be regarded a son of Penang and for his sacrifices to be recognised. He had never asked for such acknowledgements.

“Our family will also not forget the kind wishes from the thousands of people who have offered their sympathies. Please continue to remember us in your prayers and we hope to see all of you on Sunday,” he said. – April 18, 2014.

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Condolence Statement from Ambassador Joseph Y. Yun of the United States of America on the Death of Karpal Singh

On behalf of the staff of the U.S. Embassy in Malaysia, I would like to express our sorrow at the news of the passing of the Honorable Karpal Singh and his assistant Michael Cornelius Selvam Vellu.

We extend heartfelt condolences to their families and friends. As a Member of Parliament for 30 years, chairman of the Democratic Action Party, and accomplished attorney, Karpal Singh contributed significantly to the strength of Malaysia’s democratic institutions.

His courageous persistence in his professional and political endeavors was an inspiration to us all. His similarly tenacious commitment to upholding the rule of law and serving the people of Malaysia will be missed.


Photo Gallery: A tribute to Karpal Singh

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng hugs PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, after Anwar paid his respects to the late Karpal Singh at Jalan Utama in George Town, Penang. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Hasnoor Hussain, April 18, 2014

This is a extremely honest and valuable notes written by Lim Guan Eng.

Karpal Singh, a man for true believers of justice

The Malaysia Insider

As I sat here at my home in Penang at 4am on April 17, 2014, waiting for my driver to come and pick me up to go to the Ipoh Hospital, I felt numbed by the shocking news relayed to my wife Betty through my sister Hui Ying an hour earlier. I had gone to bed early as I was unwell and was still groggy when the import of her words sunk in.

DAP national chairman Karpal Singh, who meant so much to us, was gone. A man filled with such vitality, brilliance and energy was no more. A leader who gave forth so much strength, vision and guidance had left us.

A true friend in our darkest days whether in the depths of prison cells or the abyss of electoral defeat had departed. A loving father and an even more loving husband had suddenly passed away on the early hours of this terrible, rainy April 17, 2014.

As the messages and tweets on the handphone flashed back and forth, scattering my thoughts everywhere, I could not find the words to describe my acute sense of loss. DAP leaders are shaken because it was so sudden and unexpected. Karpal left before his time when he still had so much to contribute.

I will miss hearing the cheer in Karpal’s voice, the optimism that comes from doing the right thing and the fighting spirit no matter highly impossible the odds. But I can still hear Karpal’s voice – undaunted and forthright with a deep sense of humanity.

Karpal was one of those rare voices who spoke his mind, respected by friend and foe alike and completely fearless. Even Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyidin Yassin had personally told Mrs Karpal when he paid his last respects that “politics aside, Karpal was a great man and very bold”

Indeed, Karpal was not afraid to offend anyone no matter how high and mighty, how wealthy or powerful, if he felt he was right. And he forgave easily those who could not live up to his exacting standards but he never forgot.

He was a lawyer’s lawyer upholding the basic tenet that everyone had a right to a fair trial and counsel. That was why he was more than willing to defend former foes who were victims of injustice. Truly there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics, only permanent principles.

He reminded me – from the time we shared our dormitory in the detention camps in Kamunting in 1988-89 when we were both detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) or in his visits to my dingy Kajang prison in 1998-99 when I was serving time under the Sedition Act – of the importance of distinguishing the true believers from the unreliable ones.

The true believers were the ones who anchored their beliefs simply in terms of right and wrong. The true believers were incorruptible and fought on even when all was lost because it was the right thing to do. They continued the struggle because they had to as a human being, for simply to live and permit such injustice and corruption was unacceptable.

He never feared defeat. He told me that to lose occasionally is good for you as it puts iron in your soul, where you learn to climb back up quickly. “After all he lost electoral battles, Kit Siang had lost too and both of us are still here”, he reminded me with a twinkle in his eye. He said defeat is merely a test of your mettle to see how quickly you bounce back.

Even when his body failed him after the 2005 traffic accident outside his house in Penang, he refused to bow out. He did not allow his wheelchair-bound body to still his voice but focused his brilliant legal mind totally on improving the law and righting wrongs.

We had bonded at the Kamunting Detention Camp and the years after as only comrades in adversity could. I learnt from him, was guided by his wisdom and refreshed by his iron will and spirit. We shared the same travails, whether persecuted or prosecuted under the ISA's detention without trial or Sedition Act. And indeed it only made us stronger and more determined.

He shared his passion for DAP and his open brotherhood with my father Kit Siang as well as his comradeship with Sdr Dr. Chen Man Hin, the late Sdr P.Patto and Datuk Chian Heng Kai. His belief and trust in Kit Siang and faith with Sdr Dr. Chen was the bedrock which the party pulled itself up and built upon the ashes of defeat.

This trinity of Kit, Karpal and Chen in the DAP would never yield and submit to a corrupt and authoritarian regime. They were all prepared to be broken as men with honour, who preferred to live by dying on their feet rather than surviving on bended knees.

I will miss you Karpal. I am honoured to be your associate. Malaysians will miss Karpal too, and salute a towering Malaysian patriot who made every citizen proud of his country and gave hope to the dispossessed, weak, defenceless, poor and voiceless.

Your greatest legacy is not the honour bestowed by leaders or tributes by famous personalities overseas or locally. What moves us are the tears shed by the many ordinary Malaysian who do not know you and whom you never met but yet are touched by the sacrifices you have made.

Rest in Peace – you deserve to, after all you have done for the party, nation and people. – April 18, 2014.

* Lim Guan Eng is the Penang Chief Minister and DAP secretary-general.

15,000 people walked the final journey with our beloved Karpal Singh, the Tiger of Jelutong, 1940-2014.

The Tiger of Jelutong, Malaysia Statesmen, Fearless Attorney.

Thousands poured into the streets along the funeral route from Dewan Sri Pinang to the Hokien Crematorium in Jalan Batu Gantong, Penang. In a way, this outpour reflected a uniquely Penang's political ferociousness, very independent, very anti injustice and fearless fight for equality.

Sikh group to organize prayers for Karpal Simgh 1940-2014


The Malaysian Gurdwaras Council is grieved by the untimely death of Karpal Singh. We extend our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones. May waheguru give them strength to bear the loss with fortitude.

We remember the late Karpal Singh as a legal eagle, a righteous man who fought for justice and rule of law without fear or favour. Until his last day he stood tall, incorruptible and a defender of truth and the constitution.

A lesser man with late Karpal’s disability would have given up long ago on life but Karpal until his last moment was on his way to Penang to attend to a court case to uphold justice.

It is customary for Sikhs to pray for departed souls and we expect Gurdwaras to pray for late Karpal’s soul to be given a place of bliss in the presence of God. The Malaysian Gurdwaras Council will organise a prayer for the late Karpal’s soul on a date to be announced later.

Karpal’s going away is a national loss. He fought for righteousness, justice, rule of law, and rights for all races. His sudden passing away has shocked many and during Karpal’s struggle for justice for all Malaysians, he had to undergo personal suffering and severe curtailment of his liberties.

The late Karpal Singh was also an internationally acknowledged legal giant. His conviction on a charge of sedition last month had drawn rebuke from more than a dozen international jurist organizations.

We believe that Karpal’s struggle for justice will not be in vain as many righteous persons will step in to keep the flame of justice burning and carry it further.

The writer is president of Malaysian Gurdwaras Council.

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