Guo Gan’s Erhu Classic Erquan Yingyue
Moon Reflection On Second Spring

Chinese Classical Urhu Concerto :Guo Gan – Butterfly Lovers 梁祝
Two young student lovers couldn’t be united in this life, so together they flew away to heaven as butterflies

Guo Gan’s Erhu Classic Erquan Yingyue

Guo Gan, the finest Erhu musician, had probably produced the best classic Erhu play of this most famous Erhu classic Erquan Yingyue – Moon Reflection On The Second Spring.

Guo Gan’s Erhu classic Erquan Yingyue, Moon Reflected on Second Spring, is the most extremely sorrowful and remorseful song composed by the blind musician Hua Yan Jun (1893-1950) with the nickname Ah Bing. And Erhu, with the wailing sound is the most suited to portray all this sorrows.

I enjoy the plaintive sound of the erhu, and especially when it’s so well played. Nothing wrong with blending instruments – many cultures used varieties of stringed and wind instruments and percussion, but the erhu is all Chinese. Using “western” instruments allows them to play a wider variety of music, The python skin on the sound box would not be available in most western nations!

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