Daily Notes As First Step of Content Marketing

This is the third day of my newly formulated Content Marketing System where Daily Notes are the first step of the published content.

I added new board to my iQin Pinterest Profile

26. iQin Daily Notes@Decorating Small Spaces

This Board: 16. iQin Daily Notes@Decorating Small Spaces for Wednesday 14.05.14, is for pinning of my daily bookmarking of discovered web pages from Facebook, other social sites & websites…… Later, I re-pinned these to the right Pinterest Boards. This Daily Notes Board & other Pinterest Boards are my key research sources. With these Pinterest Boards, I can do my work at my pace & be well organized, whether it is for social postings or adding new web posts…… My Online World: www.iQin.co

Home Decor, special movable furniture, transfroming

“The greatest success stories were created by people who turned problems into opportunity.” -Joseph Sugarman


I designed a marketing banner for a new blog post from Qin All Chinese about Wesak Day

The new post: Buddhist Mantras for Meditation and Chanting

Copyright Issue of Images

I have concerned earlier about copyright issue of images but today I have my wonderful solution.

I would use photos from my 2 sons Qinyang and Qinyuen and my niece LiEim Ong. They travel quite widely and have taken lots of good photos.

Mindfulness. Energy. Productivity. Mind Power.

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