Timeline of iQin Website Building: Week 2 – 21.04.14 to 27.04.14


Monday Day 6 of iQin Website Building: 21.04.14

Set up iQin Pinterest Profile

As I worked intensely on building the website for my new domain iQin for the past 5 days, I began to consolidate my very assured idea that iQin would be my ultimate brand that would eventually tie up all my online entities with a clear and strong identity. Thus, it is inescapeable that I definitely need an anchoring Pinterest Profile as well that can enhance the brand identity of my ultimate brand iQin.

At first I was thinking of only using my current Qin All Chinese Pinterest Profile which I had added in May 2012 when I got to know Pinterest for the first time.

I added my Pinterest Profile for iQin on 21.04.14. The username that I ernestly wanted was iQin but unfortunately iQin and even Qin have already being taken.

I took iQin8 as my username, not perfect but I can’t really help it. Thus the profile is now www.pinterest.com/iQin8. It is the same username I got for the iQin Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/iQin8

I worked out all the right names for each of the boards continuously, it is no doubt very evolving in nature. It takes time and actions to slowly evolved and developed all the names of the various Pinterest boards.

The Debate between Qin and iQin

I started with Qin Chinese Art on 18.03.14, then followed by 2 more domains: Qin All Chinese on 23.03.14 and Qin Chinese Quotes on 30.03.14. All these lead to my confirmation of using Qin as my main branding name. And I’m are really very pleased to arrive at this juncture. Qin, the name of the first unified empire of China in 206 BC.

I was quite overconfident that I am sure to acquire Qin,my or Qin,com.my as my domain, to be registered in a Malaysian domain registrar. I’m totally devastated when I tried to registered the domain Qin as they are not available from Malaysia registrar. I tried Name.com for Qin.com, Qin.net, Qin.org and Qin.co. All are not available!

Eventually I settled for iQin.co as .com, .net and .org are not available.

So, how to resolve the branding name of iQin and Qin?

I decided that I can’t help it, the first 3 domains,Qin Chinese Art, Qin All Chinese and Qin Chinese Quotes with Qin would remained as it is. All future domains would use iQin in front follows bythe name of the niche that I am going to work on.

Thus I could have these names as follows:
iQin Superself
iQin Chinese Music
iQin Productivity
iQin Furniture
iQin Design

Tuesday. Day 7 of iQin : 22.04.14

I started iQin Giap Post: The Brutal Assault of Envy and Jealousy. How To Overcome?

What triggered this post? I saw John Koh Facebook status update on his comments on Cameron Diaz’s quote about the brutal assault of envy or jealousy. I could provide some answers on that.

The new process of working out the images for this post was interesting. It began to streamline into some standard format for these images.

Wednesday Day 8 of iQin : 23.04.14

A Common Research Board in Pinterest

I changed acurrent Pinterest board, A Common Research Depositiry for My Online World to iQin Daily Notes.

Define more Pinterest boards for iQin

Define iQin Internet marketing

Twitter new layout work

Facebook Page get more likes. invite friends. Change name for Facebook username

Friday Day 10 of iQin : 25.04.14

I completed iQin Website Building Post:The Beginning of iQin Facebook Page: Humbling Start That Reverberates with Enthusiasm. Check it here.

Facebook Page invite more friends

Compleed StatCounter

Saturday Day 11 of iQin : 26.04.14

I added vCita WordPress plugin

I added Xeeme

Thinking of revisig side bar, 300×300 banner too loud. Like other website type.

Thinking, design strength optimize

Sunday Day 12 of iQin Website Building: 27.04.14

I completed iQin Website Building Post:The First Branding and Design of iQin Brand Identity

Get idea for new series of posts on Timeline for iQin Website Building.

Get idea for adding 4 main components for the top navigation tab to group iQin main business brand: Loving Spaces, Qin Chinese and iQinternet

iQinternet would be for my Internet Marketing, continuing and replace the current site UniSuccess.net.

Azon can be a new tab for Amazon.com content.

Later on a new tab can be added for eCommerce when I arrive at this point in future.



Guo Gan Erhu Solo Concert à Paris 2013 .
Erhu solo : Guo Gan .二胡独奏:果敢

Guo Gan, the finest Erhu musician from China, played Erhu Classics Horse Racing & Others in the concert held at Musee Guimet, Paris. Erhu is the most dominating 2-stringed bowed fiddle in China. The tune Horse Racing is a classic Mongolian song and Mongolian are excellent horsemen in the vast grassland.

Explore The Chinese World Videos at Qin All Chinese YouTube Channel

iQin Website Header. Image size:640x1070 px

iQin Branding Design


iQin: Publishing, eCommerce and Internet Marketing
iQin is Giap headquarter; it’s the brand name, that encompasses all my internet businesses.
My focus is on Publishing, eCommerce and Internet Marketing.
My current brands are Qin Chinese and Loving Spaces.

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