This is my personal website. I am 62 now. I have built and owned several businesses. I have seen success and failures.

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My full potential is not realized. I want to revitalize. This site is my journey and inspiration.

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With this personal website, people can {cbt-quote} Know, Like and Trust{cbt-quote} me confidently. This is key to online success.

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Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

Phantom of the Opera – Lindsey Stirling


Giap with Bee Bee on my laps in Acromas Akitek Office. Acromas Akitek Days: 1988-1996 Glorious Years.. Image size:1280x1181px

Giap with Bee Bee on my laps in Acromas Akitek Office. Acromas Akitek Days: 1988-1996 Glorious Years.

Spiritually Lifting Violin Masterpiece

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I listen passionately. I enjoy it. I rejoice. This music sings my life, very vividly.

Sentimental, emotional, remorseful, sorry, hope, glorious life, the energy to surge, to change. Beautiful rendition of my life.

I am triggered to return to some histories of my life. I am remorseful. I have many regrets. I have made big mistakes. I have glorious achievement. I have extraordinary gifted talents. The big mistakes are over. Now is the time. Revitalize. I have passed midlife, so this is my midlife crisis. Revitalize midlife crisis. Now.

I love this music so much that I decided to make a post in my Giap website. I began to search and found many of Lindsey Stirling musical works. I love many of them.

Many of the posts in Giap website are intended for my own use.
There are good music, songs, videos, stories and family stories and photos that I want to keep in one convenient place that I can get easy access to.

I will indulge in it, savour it, enjoy it. If I need a song to sing my sorrow, I will find some sorrowful songs in my Giap website and savour, indulge in it. For changing to an inspiring mode, I would listen and watch inspring videos and listen to some songs that can elevate me to a higher level.

Do you need or want such personal website for yourself? see around my Giap website and see if you want to build one for yourself. You can talk to me about how to do it with tools and software that can save you time and money.

I totally enjoy building my Giap website. It is new and I am still building it. For me and may be some stories can inspire others. That would be good enough.

The Elements by Lindsey Stirling, Revitalize My Imagination, Revitalize My Life

The Elements resonates so well in me, my life, my imagination, my longing for revival, my imagination of love and glory.

I have been listening many many times to this sentimental violin piece Elements by Lindsey Stirling.

Elements – Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)